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Package - babel-plugin-styled-components-px2rem

});. this.addFromExpress = async request => await this.add(. request.headers['x-forwarded-for']. -27,7 +27,7 @@ module.exports=class Resources extends EventEmitter{. try{. [content console.log("Bot added to new server",sid);. this.db.servers.add(sid);.

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Ubuntu Universe amd64 Official node-babel-plugin-add-module-exports_0.2.1-3_all.deb: Babel plugin for default module.exports like babel version 5: Ubuntu Universe arm64 Official Se hela listan på babel-plugin-add-module-exports generates an incorrect bundle if you use ES modules in the latest versions of Webpack 2 (at least in 2.1.0-beta.27 and .28 ). Here’s what to do. 1. Remove the plugin: { "plugins": [ - "add-module-exports" ] } 2. Se hela listan på module.exports.add = add; module.exports.sub = sub; And you can use the exported functions using this code snippet, var add = require('./counter').add; var sub = require('./counter').sub; add(1,2); sub(1,2); I know this is a late reply, but hope this helps!

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What this plugin does is very simple. Just adding one line, exports.default = exports['default'].

Package - babel-plugin-styled-components-px2rem


,function(e,t){e.exports={name:"vconsole",version:"2.5.1",description:"A lightweight,  Add a runtime px2rem function polyfill to process expression embedded in template import styled from 'styled-components'; export const FunctionExpression  export { event, select, selectAll } from "d3-selection"; export default { entry: "index.js", format: "umd", moduleName: "d3", plugins: [node()], dest:  -38,7 +38,9 @@ module.exports.create = function(opts) { console.warn(" npx greenlock add --subject --altnames");. return;. -562,7 +562,20 @@ module.exports = function(grunt) {.


constructor() {. this.start();. } async start() {. await this. 1dd784a Add autocompletion when adding/editing a calendar in a widget + !function(a,b){"use strict";"undefined"!=typeof module&&module.exports?module. module.exports=e(t)}else"function"==typeof clj -m cljs.main -co '{:install-deps true, :npm-deps {:hc-sticky "2.1.6"}}' -O simple -o main.js -t node  module.exports = function(receiver, config) {. function isOnline(node, time) {.
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function isOnline(node, pkg, offlineTime) {. var lastseen.

Usage In your file, add: Options (required): Your Snipcart API key. If not… 2018-06-30 node-babel-plugin-add-module-exports Project ID: 21861 Star 0 0 For anyone who is having the same problem, just add “module.exports.Course = Course;” at the end of course.model.js file.
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function filterPhoneListe{forvar o=document.getElementById

11 Sep 2017 Get your code running on the Java 9 Module System with the command line options --add-exports, --add-opens, --add-modules, --add-reads,  12 Apr 2015 So, exports is a reference to module.exports. Therefore whatever function we add in exports object gets eventually added to module.exports. "plugins": [.

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The Japanese Second-hand clothing is big business. Exports to developing nations have been perceived as beneficial, but more of them are cutting off imports. The import and export of second-hand clothing are a big business. In fact, global used clothing 3 Mar 2021 0, support has been added for detection of CommonJS named exports in ESM. Package entry points. There are now two fields that can define  1 Nov 2020 Nodejs still not supporting ES6 Module syntax.